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Dr. Nguyen was my doctor for over 25 years. In fact, I was one of his first patients. He delivered my son and I completely trust him. Had I not moved to another city, he still would still be my doctor. Thank you Dr. Nguen and definitely Claudia for all of your help!
- T. R.

Dear Dr. Nguyen,

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me and my son. We appreciate your kindness, thoughtfulness, and your jokes that make the whole process more bearable for us. Hope to see you again for our second baby. Thank you again.

- S., E. & Erin

Dr. Nguyen,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of us during our pregnancy. We always felt that we were in good hands.

- M., S., & baby Ken

Dr Nguyen,

Thank you for all the care you have given me through the past 9 months of my pregnancy. You’ve been so helpful and I can’t ask for any other great caregiver. My daughter Haley has definitely been a blessing.

Love always,

- M, D. & Haley T.

Dr. Nguyen,

I cannot thank you enough for all your attention, not only though Jacqueline’s pregnancy, but for all the 19 years I have been coming to you.
Best wishes to you and your family!

- J. & D.

Dear Dr. Tom Nguyen,

We’re thankful to have such a great doctor like you helping us for our second daughter, Gracelyn. We wish you and your family and your staff a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

- V., A., N., G., and Gracelyn

Dear Dr. Nguyen,

We’d like to thank you for your care throughout my pregnancy at time of delivery. You are the best OB/GYN I’ve had. I’ve 3!. Thank you so much for your loving attitude and care. It really shows! We are moving Michigan as Paul has gotten a job with U.S. customs.

- Anonymous

Dr. Nguyen,

Thank you for taking care of us during our pregnancy and delivery. We know that you are a big reason why we have such a wonderful and perfect baby. You are the most wonderful doctor we ever met and we feel blessed to know you Thanks again for everything.

- D, A., and Marlene

Dear Dr. Nguyen,

It is more than any word could say how grateful we were under your care for my most adventurous pregnancy. Without your warmest heart and best care of you, we would not make it this far. Please accept our greatest gratitude from bottom of our family’s heart for everything you had done for us! Thank you so much for giving me a priceless gift of being a mother that I would never be able to think of and dream for.
From all of us,

- P., T. and Sophia

Dear Dr. Nguyen,

First of all, I want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May god bless you with many more years. We also want to thank you for everything you have done throughout our two pregnancies. We’re glad we chose you as our doctor because you have been wonderful!!! We could not have chosen a better doctor. Again, thanks for everything and may god bless you now and always.

- E., C., JC, and new baby

Dear Dr. Nguyen,

We greatly appreciate you upon the delivery of our son, Colin. Your professional skills and dedication to your jog help us feel at ease during the whole labor process. Again thank you for all you’re done for us. Best wishes to you and your family.

- A., P. and C. N.

Dear Dr. Ngiyen,

We wanted you to know how much both appreciated your dedication, your patience, good humor and expertise. We have been so happy with all of your efforts, and needless to say, the final outcome as well! Also, we’d like to take a picture of you with baby Eric for his baby book if you don’t mind.
Most sincere,

- R., C. and baby Eric.

Dr. Nguyen,

Thank you for helping deliver our 3 miracles to this world: Richard, Robert, & Michael! We wish your family a holiday season full of happiness and joy!

- C. K. & Dr. Ph.

Dear Dr. Nguyen,

I’d like to thank you for providing medical advice and healthcare service for three pregnancy occasions. Now, three wonderful children filling our house with joy, there are not enough words to express our sincere appreciation to your excellent service. Year end is around the corner, our best wish to you and family having a merry and happy holiday season.

- G.,T., & Children

Dr. Nguyen,

Thank you from your consultation and guidance throughout our pregnancy. We look forward to our next pregnancy in a couple years.

- G. G. & R. M. G.

Dear Dr Nguyen,

Thanks so much for being so readily available for my delivery and for doing such a great job! Ryan is doing great at home and so am I!

- G. H.

Dear Dr. Nguyen,

Thank you for helping to deliver our perfect little girl. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful OB!

- C. & D.
PS: Thank you so much for all you did!!!

Dr. Nguyen,

We are very grateful for your kindness. There is no other doctor better than you. We love you very much.

- St. & U. M.

With warm appreciation for all you’ve given of your time, your energy, and yourself. Special thanks to you and your staff for your time, effort, and patience throughout Lily’s pregnancy. We are extremely excited and happy to receive our healthy and adorable bundle of joy.

- L., K., and baby Aiden

Dr Nguyen,

I am so lucky to have you for my OB doctor. We really appreciated your high energy, patience, and professional skill, and all that makes a lasting impression on you. My husband and I think we should say “Thank you” again.
Thank you for everything you did for my son and me.

- Y. S. and H. W.

Dear Dr. Nguyen,

We wanted to thank you for helping us bring our two beautiful boys, Green & Gold into this world healthy and sound. Thank you f or all of your care and support.

- D & J

Dr Nguyen & Staff,

Thank you for delivering our newborn and making our life long dreams come true.

- The Trans

Dear Dr.Nguyen,

Thank you so much for delivering our precious girl. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to us, and also my wonderful wife has received the best care available under your watch. We will never forget your kindness
Best regards,

- T. P.

Dr. Nguyen,

Thank you so much for delivering my two lovely babies! I will always remember you!

- A. Z.

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