First time meeting with Dr. Nguyen & I loved the welcome & the hospitality! I was in & out no wait. Dr. Nguyen was great, he not only takes care of his patients, but he also likes to actually get to know his patients.


Our first prenatal visit with Dr. Nguyen was beyond my expectations. Being a first-time parent, I came with a list of questions and by the end of the visit all my questions were answered. We highly recommend Dr. Nguyen.

-Thuy P.

Dr. Nguyen was my doctor for over 25 years. In fact, I was one of his first patients. He delivered my son and I completely trust him. Had I not moved to another city, he still would still be my doctor. Thank you Dr. Nguyen and definitely Claudia for all of your help!


I have panic attacks when having to do a pap smear (due to bad experience) but Dr. Nguyen was very caring and patient. The pap smear was over within seconds!!! Not only was he interested in my women care but my overall health. Very sincere and funny. I’m glad I found him.

-Felicia R.

Been with Dr Nguyen for years he is very polite and listens to anything you want to talk about. Live his private conversations in his office. He really takes he time to know his patients!

-Marie G.

I loved it i don’t know how i didn’t find him sooner. The wait time was a little long (30 min), but that was expected since i was a new patient.

-Lorena A.

It is more than any word could say how grateful we were under your care for my most adventurous pregnancy. Without your warmest heart and best care of you, we would not make it this far. Please accept our greatest gratitude from bottom of our family’s heart for everything you had done for us! Thank you so much for giving me a priceless gift of being a mother that I would never be able to think of and dream for. From all of us,

– P., T. and Sophia

I appreciated the time Dr. Nguyen spent with me. Unlike my prior OB who I had seen for twenty years, and was fed up with the lack of care, I decided to switch. I’m glad I did because I found out more about my healthcare concerns in the one hour visit I had with Dr. Nguyen than I have in twenty years. I highly recommend him!

Melanie B.

We’d like to thank you for your care throughout my pregnancy at time of delivery. You are the best OB/GYN I’ve had. I’ve 3! Thank you so much for your loving attitude and care. It really shows! We are moving Michigan as Paul has gotten a job with U.S. customs.

– Anonymous

I cannot thank you enough for all your attention, not only though Jacqueline’s pregnancy, but for all the 19 years I have been coming to you. Best wishes to you and your family!

– J. & D.

I’m a nurse and I must say. Dr. Nguyen made me feel very comfortable, easily engages with his patients and excellent bedside manner. I highly recommend Dr. Nguyen.

– Sandy R.

Best experience hands down. I will definitely be back.

Genevieve P.

Very professional Doctor his character is very friendly he explains everything about your situation and advises on remedies. We’ll be back definitely.

Carlos D.

Doctor Nguyen has a very good bedside manner, he makes you feel comfortable and he communicates very effectively.

Jasmin M.

My first time seeing a Obgyn and it was a good experience. He was very helpful.

Initials hidden

First of all, I want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May god bless you with many more years. We also want to thank you for everything you have done throughout our two pregnancies. We’re glad we chose you as our doctor because you have been wonderful!!! We could not have chosen a better doctor. Again, thanks for everything and may god bless you now and always. Love.

– E., C., JC, and new baby

We wanted you to know how much both appreciated your dedication, your patience, good humor and expertise. We have been so happy with all of your efforts, and needless to say, the final outcome as well! Also, we’d like to take a picture of you with baby Eric for his baby book if you don’t mind. Most sincere,

– R., C. and baby Eric

He is extremely thorough and very friendly. We spoke not only about my health but also news. I felt like a person and not just a patient.

Grace O.

I’m a returning patient. I left due to a change in my insurance. I’m back and more than satisfied with my first visit. Dr. Nguyen is the best! You are more than just another patient. He really cares. Staff are also sweet and professional. Exactly what I expected and experienced in the past.

-Joscelyn A.

I am so lucky to have you for my OB doctor. We really appreciated your high energy, patience, and professional skill, and all that makes a lasting impression on you. My husband and I think we should say “Thank you” again. Thank you for everything you did for my son and me.

– Y. S. and H. W.

Dr. Nguyen is very compassionate and caring. I appreciate his friendly approach and the fact that he always brings his patients into his office to discuss the visit at the conclusion of the exam.

-Tawanna M.

Thank you for helping deliver our 3 miracles to this world: Richard, Robert, & Michael! We wish your family a holiday season full of happiness and joy!

– C. K. & Dr. Ph.

I loved it i don’t know how i didn’t find him sooner. The wait time was a little long (30 min), but that was expected since i was a new patient.

-Lorena A.

I liked that Dr. Nguyen was very honest with me, he spoke to me as if I was a friend or family member.

-Jasmin M.

Very professional he knows what he is doing. Cares about his patients and takes the time to have a seat and talk about previous health issues and care. I didn’t feel like just a rushed patient i will absolutely recommend Dr. Tom.

-Shenelle R.

My visits are always pleasant! Dr. Nguyen never makes me feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. He’s easy to talk to & his staff is just as pleasant & wonderful! I’m so thankful for a facility & doctor I can trust!!

–Shauntee M.

Thank you so much for delivering our precious girl. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to us, and also my wonderful wife has received the best care available under your watch. We will never forget your kindness Best regards,

– T. P.

This was my first visit to Dr. Nguyen. I found him on the internet and based on his reviews, I decided to take a chance with him. It was a pleasant experience overall. I must say that this is the first doctor’s appointment I’ve ever had where the physician took me into his office and got to know me as a person and not just a patient. This extra time he spent served to break the ice although it wasn’t necessary in my case as I am a physician and the whole healthcare business is rather familiar to me. However, I can see how this personal touch would be extremely beneficial for those patients who have white coat syndrome or anxiety when they go to see the doctor. He was very informative, advocated preventative medicine, and was very professional and efficient throughout the whole physical exam. Lastly, the office was bright and clean, and the office staff was courteous and capable.

-Hanh N.

First off, I am a physician, so I’ve been on the other side of the patient physician relationship and thus have an insider’s perspective on the “doctor’s visit.” I must say that Dr. Nguyen has a style that other doctors should emulate. He examines the patient in the exam room and then actually discusses his findings, recommendations and addresses the patient’s concerns in the office. This takes away the patient’s vulnerability and allows them to feel like an equal in the interaction. This replaces the typical paternalistic relationship and encourages patients to be involved in their care. In this sense, he guides patients not directs them. It is a thoughtful and respectful approach that I appreciate. I’m very glad to have found him

-Hanh N.

I would recommend Dr. Nguyen to everyone. He has been My doctor for the past 15 years. He has also known who I was when he walked in my door. I am not just a chat with a name. I am someone he knows, and I am not the only person that feels this way … I have friend and family that go with him too and they love that he takes time to take with you when others try to get you asap . Love the office staff as well they make you feel awesome and comfortable.

– Initials hidden

My appointment and exam were very pleasant. Dr. Tom has always been gentle and extremely professional. He has a vast knowledge and a wide range of experience. Our family is indebted to his kindness, gentleness, caring in bringing our “premies” twin girls into the world.

Anne-marie N.

Office was beautiful, relaxing, clean, and comfortable; the staff was very approachable, friendly, and accommodating; the doctor was very encouraging offering several options for my particular situation that I should take into consideration and very open to answering any questions that I had or may have.

-Wendolyn W.

Dr Nguyen exemplifies total professionalism as always, I’ve been a patient of his over 20 years. I’m so relaxed around him. He’s made me feel this way since my first visit. He helps his patients to understand their medical conditions & that’s very important. He’s a great doctor!

- Barbara T.

Dr. Nguyen was professional and very thorough. He doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to awkward topics and in turn it makes things less awkward. He’s fast and skillful.

-Qingdi M.

He is very good and thorough he takes the time to explain the situation and also make sure you understand. I like that I did not feel rushed or unimportant

– Marjorie G.

I love love love this man. A life saver! If you want a Dr that cares about your best interest and will always be honest and kind, please go see him. He really does care and is outstanding at what he does.

– Genesis C.

Dr. Nguyen is a true professional. He will listen to all your concerns and give you all the options that you need. You can always remind the girls at the front desk if he forgets anything and they are happy to help. He usually will deal with you one on one from start to finish. I recommend him to anyone.

– Initials hidden

Dr. Nguyen and his entire staff were great. They were clear with the procedures we would go through and what we have instore in this new chapter in our life. Any questions we had, they answered, and we really liked that. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience for our first time visit.

– Mirna G.

He is an excellent doctor. He was recommended to me by my Primary Care Physician when I was pregnant and has been my go to guy ever since. He is extremely nice and he connects with all his patients from what I have seen. Dr. Nguyen is professional, kind, helpful and comic

- Letasha J.

Dr. Nguyen is thorough and is willing to research further to provide competent reasons for causes/effects. I am very pleased with my results and look forward to seeing Dr. Nguyen next year.

- Carol C.

I LOVE Dr. Nguyen he’s absolutely amazing very knowledgeable and he puts you at ease with each and every visit.

- Meliesha D.